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In defense of Good old Games...

... and why some gamers should be ashamed of themselves.

On Monday I read the news about the GoG site closing and I felt bad because there were some games that I had bought and that I hadn't downloaded yet (procrastinating...), but then a few minutes later I read the rumor that it was just a publicity stunt and that they were actually migrating their service to end the Beta phase, after reading the message on their site again made me realize it didn't say they were actually closing, and that downloads were coming back in the future. So fortunately it was true, the site came back today and my games were still there (however this worked as a wake up call, these kind of things may happen so I took the precaution to download these games I had been postponing for to long... I have 14 games purchased there... well make it 16, I will be buying a couple more tonight)

Now, I don't know why I'm writing this... I won't say anything new... but.. I think I have to take it out of my head. On several sites I visited: [H], Shacknews, Voodoo Extreme, Slashdot, etc, there were a lot of comments of people telling they had never heard of this place before, and a big percentage of them were angry for their stunt and mentioned they would never use their site. (Even Kyle Bennett from [H] made a really aggressive comment on the matter, yet I kind of remember somebody telling me before he gets angry easily.)

I know it's not possible to know about everything, and ignorance of certain things may happen, but if somebody considers a topic his/her "hobbie", then at least he/she should try to be informed. Even though I only play PC games I'm usually aware of game releases of platforms I will never use. I know about like 10 digital distribution services. I know about game subscriptions/rentals/streaming services that may never operate in my country, and I'm aware of a lot of MMORPGs I don't even want to play. Yet it is common to read comments from people that call themselves Gamers things like: "This game is closing, yet it is the first time I have ever heard of it" or "I thought it was dead already". There may be a pattern, these might be the same people telling all the time how proud they are about all the ad-blocking software they have installed, and then they wonder "Why I never knew about this?". My GoG account is 726 days old, their site has been mentioned countless of times on these same gaming sites these people are now posting today, and they have never heard about it before? Probably they are not really frequent visitors, or have some reading problems.

And the second thing, the Nerdrage... "haters gonna hate", I guess. Most of these people didn't even know of the place before, and know they hate it (looking for whatever excuse to hate a new thing). I was a user, and didn't even feel affected. I guess this may be another strategy of GoG? To get rid of the all angry, whiny people. This world has some messed up people that a business may find they are not even worthy to have as a customer, probably to repel them was a good idea, after all.

Ok, it is out of my head now, so I guess its time to play something.


Published Thursday, September 23, 2010 7:10 PM by paladinsama


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