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... and why I started to hate Google.

Well, on my previous post I was writing about missing options on Windows Vista (that are still missing after Service Pack 1)

However some things that are removed are not necessarily a decision from Microsoft.

This is the new Start Menu in Windows Vista after Service Pack 1:

Is there something missing? Yes! Search is missing.

And that is missing because Google made them to.

Almost everybody knows about Microsoft sins and how they are paying their mistakes now, but this has gone to far. So what's next? Is Casio going to make them remove the clock on the tray bar because they are monopolizing time?

On the oldest version of Windows I can remember (1993), File Manager had a search function to look for files, right there, under the File menu. 


Then, when they released Windows 95 and changed the shell to Windows Explorer, the Start Menu always had a "Find" option between Help and Settings. (Windows 95, NT4, 98, 2000, Me). On Windows XP they redesigned the Start Menu, relocated and renamed "Find" back to "Search" as it was on File Manager.

But now Google who believes they can think for me, and protect me, forced Microsoft to remove "Search" from the Start Menu, and I will have to rely on keyboard shortcuts to do something I already automatically expect to find on the Start Menu.

So, thank you Google for protecting me, and crippling the Operationg System I use! (They even said that the changes were not enough)

You know what? You stopped being a nice company. It seems you forgot how to "Not be Evil". And suddenly I feel like I don't like to search the web using Google any more. It would be difficult... Probably I'll have to redirect on my hosts file to avoid temptation. (And in fact, I already did) and since I was already there, I did the same with all the sites. (Fortunately I did it before you forced Microsoft to remove Notepad from Windows, too).

I really regret it was you who bought Dejanews and Youtube.

Soon I will also be closing my gmail account.

Bye Google!.

Published Thursday, March 6, 2008 11:57 AM by paladinsama


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